To help streamline this years TIWIL here is a list of guidelines for all of us to follow:


Eligibility - You must be currently homeless or have experienced homelessness in the past five years to be eligible to participate. 

Please note: TIWIL have limited spaces so only those who are eligible will be considered. 

Artworks – 12 pieces required.

Base material - Paper or card. Please no canvas as its expensive to ship.

Size - Max of A3  / 12” x 16”

Media - All media is acceptable however if using chalk pastels etc please ensure fixative and wrapped carefully.

Framing - Each city is responsible for the framing of their exhibition. Please take care of the artwork when doing so and avoid using permanent adhesives.


Address to send/return artworks to: - Atten: Café Art. Qbic Hotel 42 Adler St, Whitechapel, E1 1EE London England.

Changes to delivery - This year we have decided that all cities are to send to all their artworks to London. We will then record, curate and disburse out again to you all. This is to cut down on postage costs for you all and so we can scan all artworks to keep an accurate record for everyone of what is being exhibited. If you have issues with postage expenses please message us and we will see what we can do.

Due Date - In order to have ample time to arrange postage, framing etc. Please have all art sent by the 15th April.

Tracking - We do ask that the item is tracked to ensure the safety of the works. Please supply us with the tracking number so we can investigate any issues.

Packaging - Please send in a flat pack like example below: 

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.11.28.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.10.29.png


Opening - This year we want each city to hold an opening. Get together your participants, supporters etc create some buzz around it.

Documenting Events - To get a real sense of this being a collaborative exchange, we are requesting that each city takes photos or videos (Or both!) of their exhibition. This is so each city can see what the other is doing and show the artists that have participated where their art is!

Any questions or issues please contact me on