Untitled by Irene Jacob

Untitled by Irene Jacob


Open Canvas was created to empower disadvantaged artists and help them with these issues.

The artists we help are from a range of backgrounds. Some have lived on the street; some have experienced substance abuse and addiction; some are on low incomes within supported and crisis accommodation; and others live with mental health issues and disability. All are united in their desire to be recognised through their art and craft.

Open Canvas can also help artists in other ways. For some, not having basic art supplies – a brush, a canvas, paint – limits their ability to do art. Other artists benefit from mentoring and guidance from professional artists, to take their art to the next level. Open Canvas can help artists in these ways by facilitating mentoring opportunities and providing art and craft supplies.

We also seek out other opportunities for artists, including opportunities to exhibit their work and engage with other third parties through, for example, commissions and licensing of art and craft.