New York Beatrice Exelberth "Central Park" 2017

New York Beatrice Exelberth "Central Park" 2017

From humble beginnings in 2013, Cafe Art is pleased to announce the 2018 art exchange exhibition. We are truly excited to be partnering once again with Fresh art in New York, Pehchan in Mumbai and Gitschiner 15 in Berlin. We also want to give a big warm welcome to Open Canvas in Melbourne, and The City Mission in Auckland.

This Is Where I Live is exchange of artworks to show a solidarity of our mission to highlight the visual art of marginalised people in our cities. We are committed to raising public awareness and recognition of these artists’ work and talent, as well as promoting art as a tool for personal expression, creative growth and positive transformation.  Each of the 6 cities from Six different continents will be showcasing 12 pieces of visually exciting works of arts drawn by their artists in the host city. For example; New York will be exhibiting 12 pieces drawn by 2 Berlin artists, 3 London artists, 2 Mumbai Artists, 2 Melbourne artists and 3 Auckland artists.

The idea behind it is to have fun, make connections and have paintings exhibited in major cities. The issue of homelessness is international and by talking about it Cafe Art hopes to draw attention to the issue in a creative way.

Admission is free - so there's no excuse for not being part of this unique experience.